Great Secret Locations For Cocktails

drink-1402567_640One of the great things about the culinary experience is having a cocktail. Not just a mixed drink, but an actual cocktail. A mixed drink is something to drink quickly while at a party or when you’re having a night out on the town. They’re designed to cover up the taste of large amounts of hard liquor so that you can drink more.

Cocktails, by contrast, are something to be sipped and savored. They’re made with hard liquor, as well, but they’re not designed to cover up the flavor. Instead, they’re designed to help enhance the flavor, to make it more interesting and complex.

Cocktails are also great because people are becoming more and more accustomed to them. They’re no longer seen as nothing more than a drink for the rich and the pretentious. They’re becoming drinks to have when you’re out trying new and interesting foods, drinks you can have when you just want to chat with a friend.

As such, there are a number of places that you can find some great cocktails that you may not have considered.

Supper clubs are, of course, a natural place for such drinks. These high class establishments bring dining and social interaction together in a unique way, and as such will often have very interesting culinary treats. Many of them even have specialty cocktails that you can only get at their establishment like the new hit and trendy supper club in NYC – I Forgot It’s Wednesday that creates new signature cocktails monthly.

There’s also a number of interesting food trucks that will have cocktails these days. Food trucks have become incredibly popular lately, which means you can find some incredibly interesting drinks! Are you a fan of old school cocktails? Some places are putting a new twist on old classics. You can learn more by watching this video!

By and large, you can find a number of interesting cocktails at a number of places you may not have considered. So when you go out to a new restaurant, try asking about cocktails. You might be surprised what you find!

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